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Record Albums and Compact Discs

Production, publishing and booklet editors: Markos Dragoumis and Thanassis Moraitis.

Most publications have been sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Culture (Department of Newer Cultural Heritage).

Demotic Songs from the Melpo Merlier Collection

1930 recordings with authentic singers and musicians and the voice of Eleftherios Venizelos.
Issued as an LP in 1976
re-issued 1996 in CD form

Songs from Aegina

Issued as a double LP in 1990.
Re-issued 1997 in CD form

Songs from the village of Costarazi in the region of Kastoria

Re-issue of the 1992 edition, Athens 2003

Songs and airs from Houliarades, Épirus

Recordings from 1930 & 1992.
Enlarged and revised edition
October 2002

Songs from Yiannina (1930) with the Nikos Tzaras group

Historic 78-rpm records from the Melpo Merlier MFA collection.
Issued as a CD in 1995
re-issued Athens 2000

Music of the lonic Land, with Christos Tsiamoulis

Interpretations of Asia Minor folk songs from the MFA collection.
Issued as a CD in 1997
re-issued Athens 2002


Recordings from Southern Euboea (1974-1994), a joint production of the Brotherhood of Karystians and the Friends of the Musical Folklore Archives.
Issued as a CD in 1998

The songs of Leros

1930 recordings with authentic singers and musicians, produced by the Lerian Youth Society "Artemis"
Issued as a double CD in 1998)

Monodies from Parnassus and Helikon

Recordings 1930-1999.
Issued as a CD in 1999

And let us sing in praise

Byzantine hymns recorded in 1930 by Melpo Merlier. Produced by the Friends of the Musical Folklore Archives and the record company EDO
Issued as a CD in 2000.

Breeze through the rosebush

Songs from the Dodecanese, unpublished recordings 1930-1998.
Issued as a double CD in 2000

Songs of Siphnos

Unpublished recordings 1930-1998.
Issued October 2001

Songs from Cappadocia

15 songs recorded by the MFA in 1930 and 12 recent interpretations arranged by Socrates Sinopoulos and performed by Domna Samiou, Lydia Koniordou, Katerina Papadopoulou and Rodi Tomurcukgül.
Published in January 2002

Songs from the coasts of Asia Minor and Pontos

Recordings of 1930.
Published in October 2004

LullabiesRecordings 1930-1998

The 48 examples included on this CD come from the Islands, from the North, and from the Greek refugee communities from Asia Minor, where often babies where lulled with songs in Turkish.
Published in February 2004

Arvanitic songs

From the villages of Flórina (Flámbouro, Léchovo, Drosopighì), Kónitsa (Plikati), Orestiada / Evros (Neo Chimónio, Ríghio) Recordings 1996-2004
Double CD, accompanied by insert (in Greek and English) with historical and musicological information (musicological analysis: Demetrios Lekkas), the texts of songs and rare photos.
Published in April 2006

Songs from the coasts of Asia Minor and PontosRecordings 1930

This CD contains 16 wedding songs from Kerassoús and Inoi (W. Pontos), Inépolis (Paflagonia) and Old Phokies (Ionia), laments, dance songs, instrumental dance tunes and carols. Almost all the melodies on this CD have never appeared on commercial records.
Published in October 2006

In the middle of the seaSongs of Samothrace

Unpublished songs notated by Nikolaos B. Phardys and Markos Ph. Dragoumis
Sung by Chronis Aidonides, Domna Samiou, Thanassis Moraitis, Katerina Papadopoulou and Markos Dragoumis
Orchestra Director: Socrates Sinopoulos.
Published by Greek Record Club in October 2003

I wear a white roseSongs from Vogatsiko Kastoria

Recordings of 1965 and 1980.
Published in June 2006

Dimitris Ftouchidis in songs from E. ThraceRecordings 1930

35 songs (dance and wedding songs, songs for lands far away, table songs and carols) by Dimitris Ftouchidis (1890-1940). While singing he accompanied himself on the lira. All the songs were recorded by the Melpo Merlier Music Folklore Archives in October 1930, on 78 rpm records in a limited edition of a few non-saleable copies exclusively for the study of experts.
Subsidized by the Municipality of Neo Sidirochori.
Published in December 2009

You, wretched Skopelos...Songs from Skopelos
Recordings by Markos Ph. Dragoumis (1967)

40 recordings (dance and wedding songs, songs of the annual festive cycle, shanties, songs for lands far away, amanédhes, instrumental, narratives).
Editor: Kostis Drygianakis
Produced by Musical Folklore Archives – Publications of Bishopry of Dimitrias / Volos.
Published in May 2016

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