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Books Publications

Melpo Merlier Songs of Roumeli

1931 (reprinted 1981)

Melpo Merlier Musical Folklore in Greece

Essay, 1935

Melpo Merlier Essai d'un tableau du folklore musical, Grec

1935 (out of print)

Samuel Baud-Bovy Songs of the Dodecanese

vol. I, 1935 - vol. II, 1938 (out of print)

Samuel Baud-Bovy Etudes sur la chanson cleftique avec 17 chansons cleftiques de Roumelie transcrites d'apres les disques des Archives Musicales de Folklore

Preface by Melpo Merlier, 1958 (out of print)

Despina MazarakiThe Folk Clarinet in Greece; with twenty musical examples

Preface by Samuel Baud-Bovy, 1959 (out of print)

Bertrand Bouvier Demotic Songs from a Manuscript in Iviron Monastery

1960 (out of print)

Markos Ph. DragoumisEighty-five Demotic Tunes from manuscripts of Nicolaos Phardys


Yvonne Hunt Traditional Dance in Greek Culture


Thanassis MoraitisAnthology of arvanitic songs of Greece

150 arvanitic songs with musical notation and historical, linguistic, musicological, prosodic and metrical commentaries. The book is accompanied by a cd containing short examples of the above songs, mostly field recordings. Preface by Markos Dragoumis. Theoretical and musicological introduction by Demetrios Lekkas. October 2002
(2nd edition 2011)

Markos Ph. DragoumisGreek Traditional Music / Vol.1

A collection of articles devoted to the research of Byzantine chant and Greek folk and urban popular music. Editor: Thanassis Moraitis
April 2003

Markos Ph. DragoumisThe music tradition of the church of Zakynthos

An anthology containing representative melodies of the chanting tradition of the island of Zakynthos. It includes notations from field recordings as well as transcriptions and copies from recently discovered manuscripts.

Samuel Baud-Bovy A documentation of traditional music in Crete

A group of ethnomusicologists presided by Samuel Baud-Bovy (1906-1986) recorded in 1954 in Crete. The present edition contains texts relating to the field-work of the researchers unpublished studies on certain aspects of Cretan music and musical scores. The publication is accompanied by a double cd.
Editors: Lambros Liavas, Markos Dragoumis, Thanassis Moraitis.
Sponsored by Fonds Samuel Baud-Bovy (Geneve)
Athens 2006
(out of print)

Hubert Pernot - Paul le Flem Folk music from Chios

The French linguist Hubert Pernot (1879-1946) in the closing years of the 19th century recorded more than 100 songs on the island of Chios upon wax-cylinders. These were published in 1903 with notations by the composer Paul Le Flem (1881-1984). In the present volume the Le Flem versions are reprinted together with a second revised version by the ethnomusicologist Markos Dragoumis.
Edited by Thanassis Moraitis
Sponsored by Yannis Lyras and John S. Fafalios Foundation

Markos Ph. DragoumisA musical tour around the island of Aegina

This volume presents more than two hundred folk songs notated by Markos Dragoumis from tape-recordings made in Aegina independently by Despina Mazarakis, Georgia Koulikourdis and Markos Dragoumis –together with Yannis Anninos– between 1956 and 1990. The book is preceded by an extensive introduction on Greek folk music and its peculiar characteristics, and concludes with a detailed account of Mazarakis' recording experiences on the island in the summer months of 1956. Some of the above recordings are included in the attached cd.
Editor: Thanassis Moraitis
Sponsored by Centre for Asia Minor Studies

Markos Ph. DragoumisDemotic melodies collected by Nikolaos Phardys

The fact that Nikolaos Phardys (1853-1901) was one of the first scholars to take an active part in the collection of Greek folk music became known only after several manuscripts containing his notations were discovered by Markos Dragoumis. The present volume is a complete edition of his transcriptions. The book is accompanied by a CD containing 22 songs coming mostly from the Phardys collection.
Editor: Thanassis Moraitis
Sponsored by Centre for Asia Minor Studies
With the kind support THE J. F. COSTOPOULOS FOUNDATION

Markos Ph. DragoumisGreek Traditional Music / Vol.2
The transcriptions of Melchissedek's Gloria and other articles

A collection of articles on modern Greek traditional music ranging from Byzantine times to the 19th century urban "rebetiko".
Editor: Thanassis Moraitis

Markos Ph. DragoumisMelodies from N. Euboea / Vol.1

A collection of folk dance melodies and melodies attached to specific dates of the year recorded in 1962 in the northern part of the island of Euboea. The edition is accompanied by a double CD.
Editor: Thanassis Moraitis