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The MFA library contains:

  1. A large number of 19th century publications of or on Byzantine music; a plethora of offprints and books in Greek and other languages on the subjects of all kinds of our traditional music, poetry and dance and on various related subjects, mostly ethnography and folklore.
  2. Volumes on a variety of non-Greek musical traditions, with special focus on our neighbours in the Balkans and the Near Middle East.
  3. A sizeable set of folders with press clippings referring to demotic, Byzantine music and to rebetica.
  4. The complete archives of Greek-American musicologist and dance researcher Ted Petrides (1928-1988), donated to M.F.A. by his son, Ron, who lives in the USA. They consist of Petrides' entire impressive book -and sound- library, his notes, comments and remarks on Greek dances, his correspondence, papers by his students and his unpublished treatise on the dances of Attica.
Books of the collection