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Unpublished Manuscripts and Documents

  1. Anastasimatarium by the renowned prime cantor of Constantinople Georgios Rhaedestenos (1833-1889)
  2. A Series of Odes to Ecumenical Patriarchs of the XIV century
  3. Annunciation Service by the Cephalonian master Michael Razis-Maratos (1877-1960)
  4. Two settings (1831) of poems by Alexandros Soutsos praising the assassins of the state's first Governor Ioannis Capodistrias
  5. A collection of 33 popular songs of the 19th century compiled by the Asia Minor musician Petros Philanthides
  6. An anthology of 121 Phanariotic songs (mismayia) written down before the War of Independence in the latest phase of Byzantine notation prior to its reform in 1815
  7. A score dated from 1859 and titled Hellenic National Songs for the Pianoforte; a certain Carolina Nistsinski of St. Petersburg is cited as collectrix
  8. Manuscripts and copies of unavailable manuscripts constituting the sum-total of Zakynthian church music, still unknown to most
  9. Letters from Dimitri Mitropoulos, Nikos Skalkottas and outstanding western musicologists (Baud-Bovy, Collaer, Strunk, Tillyard, Wellesz) addressed to Melpo Merlier and her associates
  10. Notes by Melpo Merlier and Nicholas Chryssochoides on Byzantine music
  11. 1138 demotic songs published in modern Byzantine notation and transcribed for the standard staff by M.F.A. associate Despina Mazaraki (1914-1989)
Unpublished Manuscripts and Documents